Sunday, 6 October 2019

Weekend 5th & 6th October

It was a busy weekend! We had riders and graduates at all these events/sessions.  I just need to find some photos and fine tune the details!

Club Cluster at Cyclopark - Oliver, Harry & Alfie.  In the company of National Champion Ben Tulett

KVK at Herne Hill Velodrome - 9 kids and 5 adults

Track Club Cluster at Lee Valley Velodrome - Lucy and Harry

London League Cyclocross at Lingfield - Oliver, Ivo, Betsy & Albert

National Cyclocross Derby - Hope

Next Week: Saturday October 12th, we are meeting at Tonbridge Park for our off site ride along the Tudor Trail.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

London League Cyclocross at Leeds Castle Kent 29th September 2019

The team today was: Betsy, Ivo, Oliver and Harry. Hope was racing for JRC.

Leeds Castle course is brutal and the weather usually does it's best to match.

Unfortunately I was otherwise engaged so, couldn't stand in a wet, muddy field for 3-4 hours, but hey that's life :-)

Top step for Betsy in the U10 Girls

Full race report to the mean time, congratulations to our intrepid riders; welcome to the fold Harry.

Youth B Boys - Harry 17th
U12 Boys - Ivo 6th, Oliver, 13th
U10 Girls - Betsy 1st

Hope had a great race finishing 1st in the Youth A Girls. Without that white stripe to wash Claire had a great result too ;-)

Next week, Lingfield, if you want to find out more or have a go, talk to one of the team and/or check out the London League website. HERE

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Saturday 28th September - Go Ride Kingdom - Good to be Back

It seems like a while since we've been at Kingdom and it was great to see the venue thriving and the site and surrounding roads busy with runner and bike riders, all enjoying being outside on a beautiful autumn morning.

Having said that, we did get off to a slightly slow start; everyone's journey to Kingdom had been delayed by the riders competing in the Hever Triathlon.  I'm really not sure about riding your bike in a swimsuit, but it takes all sorts I guess ;-)

Of course we do have quite a few KVK's taking part in the event; Fin, Zach, Ella, Albert and Betsy (and maybe a few more? Do let me know)

Down at the natural velodrome, Coach Damian giving the riders a de-briefing after our Trains and Stations drill

Tackling corners on a less than ideal surface.
We spent the first part of the session, riding the Start Loop and trying to get the riders dialled in to the surface conditions.  It's been dry and smooth for a long time now at Stocks Green, so the path at Kingdom with it's damp, slightly loose rough surface heightened the need for some good cornering technique.  We practised a lot, which is basically how you get better.

When the riders had finally had enough of that (despite there still being room for improvement ;-)), we headed down to the natural velodrome in small groups.  Once again the surface conditions together with the gradient took a few people by surprise and there were a couple of unscheduled dismounts.

After a quick biscuit break, we divided the riders into small groups and set about getting to grips with Trains and Stations.  This is a tricky drill, once again there is a lot think about, not just riding your bike.

It was good to see the riders getting to grips with working as a team, with lots of good communication going on.

We finished off with Back to Front efforts in teams to the top of Heart Break Hill.  It was a tough session and gives us plenty to work on in the coming weeks.  Well done to everyone who persevered.

Meanwhile, in a field near Milton Keynes.............Ivo re-fuelling after racing cross

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Saturday 21st September - World Championship Go Ride Racing

A few photos to give you a flavour of our fab morning of racing.  Full report to follow.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Saturday 14th September 2019

Another glorious September morning and nineteen enthusiastic young bike riders raring to go!  I wasn't around for the session itself, so I only know what I'd planned to happen.......

On Jez and Gary's request I dropped down a bunch of stakes and tape to Stocks Green so they could have a go a setting out a cross course; this has traditionally been Calvin's speciality but now he is away for Uni the coaching team had an earlier start than normal!

The plan was: Warm up on the whistle, coach and practise cornering technique, put it into action on the CX course, biscuit break (Maryland Choc Chip Cookies) and finally an endurance block.

Judging by the photos there was some healthy race style competition during the endurance block, I spotted Iris with the chequered flag and Harry with his hands in the air.  
Rider briefing from Coach Andrew

Ella holding Oliver off through the bends

Looks like an overtaking manoeuvre

Over the lump; need to work on those head positions...

I'm assuming that's a 'win' for Harry

Iris with the chequered flag; pretty sure that's Oliver behind it

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Saturday 7th September - Good to be Back

It was great to be back at Stocks Green; unlocking toilets and moving netball posts with Damian whilst mulling over the session plan.  Then Michele arrived and we presented her with her Penny Farthing memento. I literally couldn't believe that she'd missed out on a podium presentation at Eastbourne Cycling Festival and we just had to put that right!

Michele raced in the Penny Farthing race at Eastbourne Festival of Cycling in July and won the women's race! 

Meanwhile, we were a few riders down as some of our racers had opted for a session at Herne Hill (it would be rude not to really :-))

Ivo, Harry and our mystery rider ??? getting some track time at Herne Hill Velodrome

Back to Stocks Green..................It was a good turn out, nineteen riders all raring to go.

Jez and Andrew ran a whistle warm up on the grass, it wasn't long before everyone was shedding layers, and some were grabbing a cheeky breather too!

We split into two groups and worked on essential skills; stopping, balancing, riding in a straight line, avoiding obstacles and finally dismounting & remounting. The warm still day meant we could take our time and really practise.

Ride the line was particularly popular with the older riders who were soon challenging themselves to ride a perfect line none handed.  It's such a great skill to master, I can see why they named a cafe Look Mum No Hands.
Elliot, Wilbur, Harriet, Alice, Alice, Darcey and Huw practising slow riding, stopping and balancing

Putting their dismount skills into action during the endurance block

Fin entering the dismount zone

Awesome work today from all the riders and coaches - I think that's broadly what I'm saying.

Next week: Saturday 14th we'll be back at Stocks Green School for more skills, games and racing.

Friday, 6 September 2019

Summer Holiday Snaps

When you start coming along to KVK, you might be signing up for a lot more than you bargained for.  KVK may take a break for the summer holidays but for our keenest riders, the break from school means loads more time for bike riding.  Thanks to everyone who told me about their adventures and sent me photos. Here they are, in no particular order.  If you have a photo you'd like me to add, just send it to me.

Fin continued in the footsteps of both Hope and Harry and showed himself to be a great autograph hunter!
Julian Alaphilippe at Fin's hotel during the Tour de France

A very proud and happy looking Fin in his freshly signed jersey

The tour bus...........perhaps we could borrow it for KVK?

Danny MacAskill; another signature for Fin's jersey
Apparently there are people who actually go on holiday WITHOUT their bikes???  Not these people though..............

Hope, Ellen and Malcolm enjoying the Pyrenees whilst on holiday in France

Alfie on top of the world, Pyrenees but this time on holiday in Spain I think

Awesome rider Tom, having a rest at Bedgebury after dropping his Dad ;-)

And then there are people who actually go on holiday to take part in the biggest European youth bike racing event of the year..........
Ivo under starters orders at the Jeugdtour Assen
If you have to drive to Scarborough for the Youth race, might as well find a bike race for adults too..............

Christophe and Malcolm competed in the Hill Climb at Scarborough, whilst Eloise and Hope raced a round the national series.  Eloise's first national race and Hope's first top 10 in a national race; smiles all round :-)

Best of all, bike racing at the seaside in the summer holidays.....

Cracking racing by Hope

Hope on the top step as South East Regional Champion Youth B Girls

Blast from the past; Toni raced too bringing back fond memories of the KVRT

Best of all, Michele raced a Penny Farthing and finished first lady!