Saturday, 27 February 2021

Saturday 27th February 2021- Zoom Catch Up

 Another opportunity to practise getting up and getting ready for a bike ride!

Today's session was once again warmly embraced by a good smattering of riders: Chris & Jess, Hannah, Isaac, Iris & Hector, Gary & Ivo, Norman and Fin, Martyn & Zach and Harry.

Good to hear the day's plans followed by some photos and details later in the day.  So if you feel in need of inspiration to kick start your bike riding check out what some of our members are getting up to!

Fin got a good start out and about on the trails near Edenbridge

Recognise this place?

Iris, Isaac and Hector rode to West Wood


Jess and Chris did a Roads 'n' Trails loop. 

Gary and Ivo did a big ride for a bacon butty!

Harry had already done his training by the time we started the call.  He spent the rest of the day welcoming his new charges..........the bantums

Asthma check up first thing for Hope, followed by bike riding of course!

If you'd like to check in and chat to tell us about your bike riding plans/adventures  find us on Zoom 9.30am-10am on Saturday mornings until we can ride our bikes outside together again.

Saturday, 20 February 2021

Saturday 20th February - Zoom Catch Up

It's been starting to feel like we'll never get to ride our bikes together again and a Saturday morning lie is becoming a bad habit, so I scheduled a 9.30am Zoom to get myself back in the groove!

Just like racing, it's all about Process Goals; Goals 1-3 = wake up, get dressed and login to Zoom meeting for a 9.30am start.

We got off to a great start with the Latters who were all dressed and ready to go our on a bike ride.  Soon we were joined by Iris and Hannah, who told us all about riding to school down the Hadlow Road, something which takes fitness, skills and nerve.  Fin didn't have any bike adventures to share, but he told us he'd been practising his scooter skills on the trampoline, sounds like a great way to keep fit.

Scooters also feature in the Freeman household, Tom has been riding an off road scooter apparently, which looks like fun.

Albert, Betsy, Walter and Gareth have all been busy too.  Albert told me he's been enjoying the BC virtual club cluster sessions and was pleased with his race results earlier in the week.  Betsy has been out running while Walter rides alongside, I wonder how long they'll be the same speed?

My lack of technical skills meant I left Harry in the waiting room, rather a long time but it was good to get the opportunity to congratulate him on his roller pancake video that he produced earlier in the week.  He's been training hard and enjoying the Bkool virtual platform, I haven't tried that one yet.

Gavin sent us a photo of Alfie, who was busy Zwifting, so you could say he'd beaten the Latters to be actually riding a bike.

Homework was to send me some photos or report back on their weekend bike riding and they didn't disappoint! Full marks all round, take a look below.

Jess, Hughie, Chris and Amanda got the weekend off to a flying start with a return ride to Haysden for bacon butties

Michele sent her apologies, but said she had done her homework on Friday!

Ivo took advantage of the permanent cyclocross course at Cyclopark

Walter having a crack at Cake Run

Running at Bedgebury for Betsy, Gareth & Albert

Hannah, Iris & Hector rode their bikes to the park and back

Alfie was busy Zwifting on Saturday morning

Ivo at the Millenium viewpoint near Brenchley

Feeling inspired, I set out on my own bike ride, dreaming of the time we'll be able to ride as a club again.  If you need some inspiration to get you riding this weekend, join our Zoom call at 9.30am and share your plans.

Saturday, 5 December 2020

Saturday 5th December - Hour Challenge

This session was inspired by Alex Dowsett's announcement that he was going to attempt to set a new Hour Record on 5th December.  Unfortunately he had to postpone his attempt after he contracted COVID 19, but as we'd already scheduled our attempt we decided to go ahead.

Each lap of the school is 500m and all riders rode for an hour, taking a quick break if they needed one. Our first group of riders stacked up 131 laps or 65.5km and the second group added a further 97km or 48.5km. Great riding from everyone who took part!

Saturday, 26 September 2020

September 2020

September 2020 was a great month for us as we managed a little bit of everything.  The month kicked off with a road circuit session at Cyclopark hosted by Spring in the Park volunteers with help from club coaches from Kent Velo Kids and Redhill Raiders.

We also managed two weekends at Stocks Green where we ran our double session, with Go Ride first for our new and younger riders followed by an off site ride for our older and more experienced riders.  

Finally we squeezed in a trip to Herne Hill Velodrome that we shared with Bigfoot CC. 

Sadly, new restrictions introduced shortly after meant that was the end of our real life Saturdays for a while :-(

Saturday, 22 August 2020

Saturday 22nd August - Hill Climb Challenge Ride

Hannah & Chris were in the driving seat for this one,  Chris arrived well prepared with a notebook, stopwatch & pen!

First stop, The White House

Everybody makes it to the top of Col de Coldharbour

Back at base, classic edition Go Ride medals all round.